Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Oct. 20, 2021

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Letter: Give Bi-Zi Farms a break


The Washington state Department of Ecology has unfairly and unjustly denied Bi-Zi Farms the right to the well water it has used for over 100 years. As building codes and land-use rules are updated to meet current needs, it is routine to “grandfather” existing usage. This should be done for Bi-Zi Farms.

Ecology considers community development, commercial and industrial growth as their priorities in determining “highest and best use” of water resources. Ecology says it’s better to let new houses,apartments and industries use this water than it is to have this water used to grow food. Our rural areas are being gobbled up quickly by developers. Why does the Washington and Ecology prioritize this loss?

Bi-Zi Farms provides fresh fruits and vegetables, grown locally, at reasonable prices. It provides educational experiences for children who visit the farm with their class and their parents to learn about agriculture and farming. It provides a rural oasis in a county that is rapidly becoming a suburban jungle. Generations of Clark County residents have benefited from Bi-Zi Farms. I urge you to contact your state officials and entreat them to do whatever they can to preserve Bi-Zi Farms.

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