Saturday, August 13, 2022
Aug. 13, 2022

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Letter: Electoral College anti-democratic


In response to “Electoral College makes sense” (Our Readers’ Views, Nov. 14): It is a plain fact that the Electoral College is (by any reasonable definition) anti-democratic. In every single election in this country, from dog catcher to U.S. senator, the candidate with the most votes wins, except for the president and vice president. In those cases, and only those cases, a candidate with a fewer number of votes by the people can win over the candidate who has more. Spurious analogies aside, in a federal election land doesn’t vote, people do.

The Electoral College has other consequences as well. Democracy can be defined, in part, as eligible citizens having equal access to legislative processes. The Electoral College causes such obvious misalignment that 14 percent of all states have twice as many U.S. senators as they do congressmen, setting up the indisputable reality that what the people in Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North and South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming think has much more legislative power than the people in Oregon or Washington. That is even more egregious for states like California or Texas.

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