Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Jan. 26, 2022

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Letter: Address unregulated rental homes


I’m not the only one upset. For the third time, I urge the Vancouver City Council to address the issue of unregulated Airbnb/Vrbo rentals. My previous two letters to the mayor and all council members received one response from a council member. (I suspect the council assigns one member to grease the squeaky wheel on a rotating basis.)

I am 70 and retired. Like most retirees I’m on a fixed income. My home is a major asset and the lack of city council response to a problem (lack of regulation to nonowner-occupied rentals, aka Airbnb/Vrbos) is eating away at the value of my home. On my cul-de-sac of nine modest homes, another is scheduled to be converted to a “party house.” Inexcusable!

VMC 20.830.030 addresses bed-and-breakfasts, which are owner occupied. Update the city code to cover nonowner-occupied rentals!