Wednesday, May 12, 2021
May 12, 2021

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Camas-Washougal Parent Co-op preschool meets fundraising goal

By , Columbian Features editor

The Camas-Washougal Parent Co-op, the oldest continuously operating preschool in Clark County, raised enough money to keep its doors open.

The preschool, founded in 1940, made it through World War II and the Great Recession. But declining enrollment during the COVID-19 pandemic threatened the nonprofit preschool’s survival. The co-op sought to raise $35,000 by Feb. 19 to underwrite its continued operation.

“Between the GoFundMe and personal donation checks we received in the mail, we actually surpassed the $35,000 goal!,” the co-op’s president, Mindy O’Neil, said in an email.