Tuesday, April 13, 2021
April 13, 2021

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Weather Eye: Expect chances of rain, mostly cloudy skies all week


We are on the last day of the month and so far, Vancouver is running 2.4 degrees below average on the temperatures and just under normal on the rainfall at 3.78 inches as of 4 p.m. Saturday. We may experience some drizzle today, which could add a bit to that total, but most likely when we look back at February, it goes down as a few hundredths of an inch below normal in the rainfall department.

Looking at the weather this coming week, all I can say is there will be a chance or slight chance of rain and mostly cloudy skies all week. Basically, forecast charts are all over the place and not a good consensus for the exact forecast. So we check back on Tuesday.

It does appear our high temperatures this week may touch 60 degrees or better. We already had 61 degrees on January 12 and January 13 but plenty of cool weather since.

I even tried glass cleaner on the old crystal ball, but it remained cloudy, so the forecast is up in the air. March will not roar in like a lion, I can tell you that much. A little on the sheepish side is OK with me.

The Cascades got hammered with snow the past several days and our water supply outlook is above average. With expected milder conditions later in the week, freezing levels will be high so any precipitation that falls will be at or above the timberline regions. Many local folks went up to Mount Hood Saturday and there were long traffic jams with snow packed roads.

I’m looking forward to spring, those white puffy clouds, kites sailing high and spring flowers blooming. Rain falls for sure, but we enjoy those promising rainbows as well. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons. The days are getting longer as the sun sets later and later. And of course, daylight saving time is almost upon us.

Time to remove the snow tires, crawlspace covers and outdoor faucet covers. Any chance of a severe prolonged cold spell is passed.


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