Sunday, March 7, 2021
March 7, 2021

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Letter: Let council know your thoughts


Fellow Vancouverites, be aware of your city council! Our city council has six major themes for our future Vancouver: 1. Maximize housing wherever possible, 2. Minimize parking, 3. Force mass transit, 4. Plant trees, 5. Add bike lanes, 6. Narrow driving lanes. Though some of you may agree with these lofty goals, many neighborhoods and businesses will be affected with lost access and expensive taxes.

These goals are affecting many neighborhoods. Neighborhoods are banding together as coalitions are trying to limit these goals. The people in affected neighborhoods have won some small victories by voicing their concerns, but they have not changed the major themes of the city council. Please fellow Vancouverites, pay attention. Go to (or try searching Vancouver City Council meetings with Google) and see when the city council and planning meetings are held (usually every Monday between 4 and 6 p.m.). Please educate yourselves on the goals of the city council. Schedule a chance to talk to the city council before noon on that Monday so you can have your voice heard at open forum that Monday evening or email them. The city council is affecting many neighborhoods and businesses, and yours may be next.

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