Thursday, March 4, 2021
March 4, 2021

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Letter: Don’t repeal fireworks ban


The Clark County Council is considering repealing the Safe and Sane fireworks ruling they just approved last month (“County considers repealing fireworks ban,” The Columbian, Jan. 12).

In spring 2018 there was a formal online survey conducted by the county regarding residents’ opinions of fireworks. This survey included thousands of responses and it was very clear that residents were tired of the ongoing, uncontrolled chaos that we endure due to fireworks. As a result of this survey many cities such as Vancouver, Ridgefield, La Center and others significantly changed their fireworks regulations.

Are we to just ignore those previous results? In the Jan. 12 Columbian article, the county fire marshal’s office reported they receive hundreds of firework complaints each July Fourth holiday and last year responded to five firework-related blazes, including houses, vehicle, dumpster and brush. They also reported a serious bodily injury from fireworks this past New Year’s. The county continues to grow with more and more families. The complaints will only get louder and more numerous.

It’s time for the county to be responsible and not buckle to the comments of a few. Do your research in a more official, formal manner or let the citizens make the decision by placing the issue on a ballot.

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