Saturday, September 18, 2021
Sept. 18, 2021

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Letter: U.S. has its own emissions problem


Regarding the letter “Blame China for emissions” (Our Readers’ Views, July 16): Yes, China produces about twice as much CO2 as we do, but they have about four times as many people.

Yes, China is a large polluter, but that’s in part because we’ve outsourced our polluting industries to them. We import more from China in every import category than we do from any other country.

Furthermore, we’re actually falling behind China in wind, solar, EVs and battery technology, and we are in danger of always being behind.

To help deploy more clean-energy technology, China has just launched the world’s largest cap-and-trade program, affecting over 2,100 coal-burning power plants.

We can’t control China, but we in the United States can reduce our own emissions and create jobs here.

We have produced twice as much CO2 in the last 200 years as China has. We don’t get to cause the problem and blame them, instead of doing what we can. Stop pointing fingers at China. China is not the only problem.

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