Monday, July 26, 2021
July 26, 2021

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Letter: Councilors unfit to serve


I was shocked and appalled at reading “Quiring O’Brien: Make it harder to vaccinate children” (The Columbian, May 27). I raise to applaud the professionalism, patience and grace of Dr. Alan Melnick, and condemn in the strongest terms the bloody-minded ignorance, stupidity and sheer meanness of Councilors O’Brien, Karen Bowerman and Gary Medvigy, with their attempts to preempt our children from receiving the COVID-19 vaccination.

At every turn, when these councilors attempted to insist on promoting a blatant falsehood that these vaccines were “experimental,” Dr. Melnick responded with the truth, in his calm, clear, knowledgeable tone, that no, these vaccines are not experimental. They’ve been tested to the nth degree and are safe and very effective indeed (95 percent effective in fact), at preventing COVID-19 infection. The doctor went on to point out that, if children contract COVID-19, one out of three will end up in the intensive care unit. By their public statements one must conclude that the majority of our county council is arguing in favor of just that. Dear lord.

By their public statements, Quiring O’Brien, Bowerman and Medvigy have demonstrated they are simply too ignorant, mean and stupid to hold their offices, and I call on them now to resign. They are, put simply, unfit to serve.

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