Wednesday, June 16, 2021
June 16, 2021

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Letter: Address squalor in the region


I recently completed a 6,200-mile coast-to-coast road trip and as I was exiting Interstate 84 onto Interstate 205 north to cross the Glenn Jackson Bridge, I was shocked and angered over the amount of garbage, litter and filth that lined the highway.

My journey took me through many large and medium-sized cities, and never once did I see the amount of road litter that I saw on I-205 and Fourth Plain Boulevard. The scene reminded me of what I’ve witnessed in Appalachia and New Delhi, India.

At one time, it was taboo to throw garbage out the car window; not anymore. People in Clark County deserve better living conditions than squalor. Residents and politicians need to step up, look around and address this problem. And this includes enforcing code violations on people who refuse to maintain their property to a reasonable standard.

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