Wednesday, May 12, 2021
May 12, 2021

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Got a tale to tell? The Columbian wants to hear it

By , Columbian Arts & Features Reporter, and
The Columbian

Spring has sprung! The pandemic is winding down! Time to celebrate with a story.

“Everybody Has a Story” is the Sunday column where Columbian readers get to tell their own true-life tales. We’re eager to see yours.

What sorts of tales? “Everybody Has a Story” stories can be almost anything. Formative childhood (or grown-up) events, solo or family adventures, tragic losses, hilarious happenings. Serious or silly, big or small, way back when or just this morning – we like it all. Just do us a favor and remember a few basic guidelines:

• Your story must be true.

• It must be no longer than 1,000 words, and shorter is better. No epics here.

• It must be a coherent tale – not an editorial, instruction manual, scientific explainer or declaration of faith. Is it one solid story, with a beginning, middle and ending? (“Once upon a time, this happened and then this happened and it all ended like this.”)

• Focus on your personal experience. What were you seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling?

• Expect a little kindly editing.

Send your stories to and you’ll be hearing from us. Call “Everybody Has an Editor” Scott Hewitt with questions at 360-735-4525.