Thursday, December 2, 2021
Dec. 2, 2021

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Fishing report, April 1

The Columbian

Effective through April 4, the salmon and steelhead daily limit is six from Buoy 10 upstream to Bonneville Dam. Up to 2 adults may be retained of which no more than one may be an adult Chinook. Release all salmon other than hatchery Chinook. Release wild steelhead. Salmon minimum size: 12 inches.

Fishing for salmon or steelhead from a vessel is prohibited in the area adjacent to the Cowlitz River mouth and includes all of Carrolls Channel. To see full details of the boat-fishing closure area, view the emergency rule at

Bank angling with hand-cast lines only from Beacon Rock to the Bonneville Dam deadline.

Fishing Reports

Fishing reports for waters in southwest Washington, including the Columbia River and tributaries as reported to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife on March 29.

Always check the WDFW website at for the latest fishing rules and regulations as seasons can change or close quickly if necessary.

Lower Columbia mainstem from Bonneville to Astoria – 781 salmonid boats and 157 Washington bank rods were tallied during Saturday’s (3/27) effort count.


Columbia River mainstem

Bonneville -115 bank anglers kept seven Chinook.

Camas/Washougal – 14 boats/26 rods released one Chinook.

I-5 area – five boats/10 rods had no catch.

Vancouver – 12 bank anglers had no catch. 34 boats/68 rods kept four Chinook and released one Chinook.

Woodland -19 bank anglers had no catch. 52 boats/138 rods kept 15 Chinook and one jack.

Kalama – 28 bank anglers had no catch. 58 boats/140 rods kept nine Chinook.

Cowlitz – four boats/eight rods had no catch.

Longview – 31 bank anglers released two steelhead. 83 boats/181 rods kept 13 Chinook, one jack and released one Chinook.

Cathlamet (Sec. 9) – 27 bank anglers had no catch. 11 boats/27 rods kept three Chinook and released one jack.

Cathlamet (Sec. 10) – Four bank anglers had no catch. 153 boats/382 rods kept 53 Chinook and released two jacks.


Camas/Washougal – one boat/three rods had no catch.


The Dalles Pool – 18 bank anglers kept two walleye. Two boats/three rods kept five walleye.

John Day Pool – 57 boats/140 rods kept 133 walleye and released 50 walleye.


The Dalles Pool – Four bank anglers had no catch.

John Day Pool – 10 boats/18 rods released 93 bass.


Columbia River tributaries

Cowlitz River – I-5 Bridge downstream – 74 bank rods kept seven steelhead and released one steelhead.

Above the I-5 Bridge – 47 bank rods kept six steelhead and released one Chinook and three steelhead. 28 boats/119 rods kept 52 steelhead and released seven steelhead.

Kalama River – Three bank anglers had no catch. one boat/three rods kept one steelhead.