Tuesday, May 11, 2021
May 11, 2021

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Weather Eye: Enjoy clear skies, higher temperatures for a few days


As I wrote my column Monday afternoon, it was raining along the coast and that was about it as a weak weather system moved through. It was partly sunny in Vancouver with some increasing clouds. There was a small chance of a sprinkle or light shower Monday evening, but we wait until Thursday before we get some significant rain.

Hopefully, we can get at least one-half inch of rain Thursday through Saturday. After steady rain some time on Thursday, it would be showers Friday and Saturday; perhaps a thunderstorm rolls in there as well. My main concern is that some forecast models keep the most active portion of the front to our north and others over us.

To get that rain we so desperately need, the main low center needs to sag southward. I guess by Thursday’s column we’ll know what is taking place. Fingers crossed we get a good soaker. After Thursday’s weather disturbance, along with scattered showers for a couple days, we will have some sunny periods too. So post-frontal conditions are not too bad, although cooler high temperatures.

Today as skies clear, temperatures get to 70 or so and a few degrees warmer on Wednesday as I am feeling another 80-degree high temperature coming our way. No frosts coming up this week, which is good news. Mother’s Day is this Sunday, usually a good mark for setting out tender plants. Let’s hope the remaining snow on Silver Star will not forebode a frost in the outlying areas.

The warm weather Tuesday will certainly renew spring fever. However, the downturn Thursday will be nature’s remedy for spring fever, maybe. We reached and surpassed the 80-degree mark in April and Wednesday will be our first one in May. Now we look for the next milestone of 90 degrees. Not too common in May but it does occur. Hopefully, we stay cooler and enjoy a few showers now and then.

As we finished with the driest April ever with only 0.33 of an inch, just four years ago in 2017, we had the seventh wettest April with 4.25 inches of rain. Food for thought.