Thursday, June 17, 2021
June 17, 2021

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Letter: Light rail doesn’t make sense


So once again, here we are: discussing the Interstate 5 Bridge and the light rail mandate. As before, we are hearing that if there is no light rail, there will be no bridge. The existing structure is dangerous and decrepit. It needs to be replaced. Only if light rail is included.

Why? The truth is that light rail makes no sense. There are no current plans to extend it north to Ridgefield and Longview. No plans to extend it east to Camas and Washougal. It just stops in downtown Vancouver. Who in their right mind is going to exit the freeway just before the bridge, pay to park, pay to get on the train, transfer to a different train in Delta Park, and then ride to Portland? No one. Light rail nearly doubles the cost of construction, and would serve virtually no one. These are the facts. Please, no bridge to nowhere.

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