Friday, December 9, 2022
Dec. 9, 2022

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Letter: Bike lanes enhance property values


Criticism of the Columbia bike lane is disappointing. One would think it’s the end of the world with a spiral of decreasing property values, lost parking and other woes. Downtown Vancouver suffers from a lack of dedicated bicycle infrastructure that travels north from downtown to 45th Street. Once past 45th Street, to the east there is a connection to Hazel Dell Avenue and Salmon Creek; to the west, one could access the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail for some of the best family-focused recreation in the area. It also links to the Interstate 5 Bridge, and via Evergreen to east Vancouver, the I-205 path, Fisher’s Landing and Camas.

Critics decry the loss of on-street parking “through neighborhoods where garages and driveways are infrequent,” however, The Columbian’s article cited only 16 homes along the route with no off-street parking (“April 2019 cited only 16 homes along the route with no off-street parking” The Columbian, April 15, 2019). Most studies have shown an increase in property values resulting from bike infrastructure. As for the Veterans’ Center, the on-street parking on the east side of Columbia Street will be preserved, and a drop-off zone will be added. The plan also provides significant pedestrian and ADA improvements.

Carter Park and Hough are some of the most desirable areas of Vancouver; this project enhances that desirability and will likely increase property values.