Monday, November 29, 2021
Nov. 29, 2021

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Leaves of Change sculpture installed at Columbia House

The Columbian

HOUGH  — As renovations wrap up at Columbia House, passersby may notice a new art piece on the southwest corner of the assistive living community in Vancouver’s Uptown Village. Vancouver Housing Authority commissioned Cobalt Designworks to make the 17-foot tall metal sculpture called Leaves of Change, which depicts a butterfly flying from a spent cocoon. Columbia House’s property manager reached out to residents who gave feedback on proposed sculptures. In the end, they went with Leaves of Change and its message of transformation. Husband and wife duo Jennifer Corio and Dave Frei built the sculpture at their Cobalt Designworks studio just seven blocks away from Columbia House. Their work is seen throughout downtown Vancouver and along the waterfront. Leaves of Change is made of stainless steel, weathered steel and powder-coated aluminum with LED lights that change colors. It was the couple’s first time making a sculpture for a public housing authority. Corio said it was a collaborative process. She loves how anyone driving along Columbia Street or walking through the neighborhood can enjoy it.