Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Nov. 30, 2021

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Check It Out: Travel guides help get you going for fall fun


Taking a drive to look at the fall colors is well worth the time. We took one recently, traveling along two-lane roads that wind around Mount Hood, and the eye candy was spectacular. Splashes of red, orange, yellow deciduous leaves interspersed within groves of evergreens proves, in my opinion, that Mother Nature knows a thing or two about accessorizing.

I have lived in Clark County nearly 30 years, and I still find new roads to try. Actually, my husband finds them, and I just ride along. The point is that there is so much more to our region than the freeways, and if you have any interest in viewing autumn at the height of its loveliness, get off the main roads and explore. These gorgeous colors won’t last long, so make haste — fall is falling away.

Whether it’s a day trip or a weeklong journey you’re contemplating, guidebooks can advise as well as enlighten. The library has many different types of travel guides including multiple titles about Washington and Oregon. To help you get going, here is a small sample of titles.

Here’s to fall-tastic travels!

  • “Exploring Washington’s Past: A Road Guide to History” by Ruth Kirk.
  • “Moon Pacific Northwest Road Trip” by Allison Williams (also available as eBook).
  • “Oregon Day Trips by Theme” by Stacy McCullough.
  • “Roadside Geology of Washington” by Marli Bryant Miller and Darrel S. Cowan.
  • “Scenic Driving Oregon: Exploring the State’s Most Spectacular Back Roads” by Tom Barr (also available as eBook).
  • “Urban Hikes Washington: A Guide to the State’s Greatest Urban Hiking Adventures” by Brandon Fralic (also available as eBook).
  • “Washington Day Trips by Theme” by Ellie Kozlowski.