Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Nov. 30, 2021

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Letter: Make thoughtful choice in Camas


The election is near, and ballots have arrived. It’s time to cast our votes to elect our next mayor. I became Camas mayor in May 2021, and have learned much about the job.

First, the mayor is CEO of a municipal corporation with a $100 million budget, 225 employees and five unions. The operating environment is dynamic: coping with unfunded mandates from the state and federal governments, complex partnerships to deliver fire protection and emergency services to 43,000 citizens, and studies leading to zoning and other action to accommodate growing population. Other studies are needed to develop plans to repair, replace and update infrastructure. Unlike neighboring cities where a city manager oversees daily operations, in Camas the mayor is responsible for ensuring city departments do their jobs and prepare for the future.

Second, we must consider the qualifications necessary for a successful mayor in this environment. It requires experience running similar organizations, understanding of budgets and finance, strategic vision, change management, pragmatism, intelligence, empathy, integrity, and character. Third, being mayor of Camas has grown well beyond a part-time job.

As you consider the choices for Camas mayor, determine who has the right talent to best fill the role to lead Camas.

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