Friday, October 15, 2021
Oct. 15, 2021

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Generator stolen from Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center

$28K generator powered overflow tent outside emergency department

By , Columbian staff writer

Officials at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center are asking the public to keep an eye out for a $28,000 generator the hospital used to power its overflow tent outside of its emergency department. The generator was stolen early Saturday morning.

According to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, two people hooked up a GMC pickup to the generator around 5 a.m. and drove off with it. The sheriff’s office said the hospital’s security video footage was not clear enough to obtain suspect information.

Still, hospital officials said they are hopeful they can get the generator back to power the HVAC and airflow systems in the overflow tent, should the hospital need the extra emergency capacity.

Until they get a new unit, they can’t use the tent, according to Kelly Espinoza, chief nursing officer. In the meantime, they’re looking for rental options, Espinoza said, while they assess whether they can buy a new one.

“It’s unfortunate,” Espinoza said. “It makes us all feel pretty helpless.”

The thieves cut through locks and chains on the generator, Espinoza said, and she believes the people cased the area before stealing it.

For now, the hospital has enough emergency department capacity to operate without the tent space, Espinoza said.

Anyone with information about the stolen generator can contact the Clark County Sheriff’s Office at 564-397-2211.