Saturday, October 16, 2021
Oct. 16, 2021

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School officials warn of stranger-danger incident in Vancouver

By , Columbian Assistant Metro Editor

Fort Vancouver High School alerted students and their families Monday of a stranger-danger incident that occurred last week as a female student walked home from school.

The announcement states that the student was walking around 2:15 p.m. Thursday when she noticed a teal-colored car in a parking lot at East 18th Street and North Devine Road. The student continued to walk south on Devine Road, and the vehicle passed her and parked near the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail.

As she walked past the car, a man said, “Excuse me miss.” He then asked, “Can you help me with this?” and exposed himself. The student said no and continued walking. The man drove away, the announcement said.

The student continued home and reported the incident to the school the next day. Law enforcement was also notified.

The man was described as being 22 to 30 years and having a skinny build. He had a little mustache and dark, medium length hair. The suspect vehicle reportedly had a broken right front window covered with clear tape and minor damage to the right side, according to the announcement.