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Tuesday, March 5, 2024
March 5, 2024

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Weather Eye: If you want to see snow, snow globe most reliable bet


Many of you have seen snowflakes in the air and many have had snow on the ground, turning their property into a winter wonderland, especially above 1,000 feet the past few days. Chunky rain, as I call it here in the city, is still in the forecast through early Friday. It may be possible city elevations may get a dusting, but again no major snowstorm in the offing.

When I was a kid, I always marveled at the tiny snowflakes swirling around in a snow globe my mother would bring out every year during the Christmas holidays. She would pick the globe up and shake it carefully and then place it back down on the table. My nose against the glass, I would peek deep inside to the little village and tiny people as the snow would gently fall to the bottom. I had to wait several years until I was old enough to handle the delicate curiosity myself.

I don’t know whatever happened to that globe over the years but I have one myself now that I also bring out every holiday season. My children, when they were young, would do the same thing and marvel at the miniature winter wonderland. I still shake the globe and watch the flakes fall to the bottom and recall memories of past years and remembering all along that there were many years during wintertime that the snow in the globe would be the only snow I would see.

Anyone who has lived here in the Pacific Northwest long enough knows very well that achieving the correct combination of cold and wet is a marvel in itself. We usually can muster up the wet and warm or the dry and cold.

What brings me to tell this tale is that more often than not, weather forecasts paint a picture of a giant snow globe over us. And, of course for the most part, more snowflakes will be seen in my snow globe than outside at city levels.

Meanwhile, I have my snow globe on my desk and will keep my weather eye gazing out my window. Perhaps, just perhaps, the view outside my window one day this winter will mirror the miniature world encased in glass.