Thursday, May 26, 2022
May 26, 2022

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Letter: Time to wake up, Vancouver

The Columbian

As we watch the federal government fall apart under the Biden administration, I need to remind the people here in Vancouver that we’ve had enough of do-nothing politicians at the local level.

I just want to point out the ongoing, total failure of our elected leaders in this town to do the job they were elected for. A couple of prime examples are Rep. Vicki Kraft and of course Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Battle Ground, a total political disaster over the past 10 years. We can also throw in the mayor, city council, the county council, and their bureaucrats for any kind of responsible action to serve the people here in Vancouver. They simply cannot figure it out!

The trouble with them is they are afraid of their own shadow. So how can we fix this political mess we are in? Answer: Kick them out! Get rid of them! The only way you will ever get any good changes here in Vancouver is for us locals to take charge of our own government instead of the other way around. We have put up with this charade, nonsense far too many years.

Time to wake up, Vancouver! Let’s elect leaders that will work for us.

Rolf Knapp


Nothing from government is free

I’ve just about had it with the word “free”!

Let me say this straight up: I am not against giving the American people N95 face masks. My point is it’s not “free.” Let’s change the wording to what it truly is. It is a taxpayer-funded N95 face mask.

If the federal, state or local governments say they are going to give you something “free,” you are receiving it because they have chosen to use taxpayer dollars to pay for it.

Free COVID-19 vaccine, free COVID-19 testing, free face mask. When you hear the word “free” on the national and local news, remember it is code for taxpayer funded.

Ben Roussel


Support, strengthen WA Cares

My mom was only 62 when she had a life-changing stroke. We were shocked to find out that private health insurance doesn’t cover long-term care services like having a home care aide help with dressing, bathing and meals. Neither does Medicare. Bottom line, you are left high and dry if you don’t have a corporate long-term care insurance policy and continue to pay expensive premiums every month, even after you retire.

I’m proud to be represented by our state Sen. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver, who has shown her leadership by supporting the WA Cares program. WA Cares will provide affordable, flexible benefits for working Washingtonians to help pay for the costs of long-term care services. And if a family member cuts back their hours at work or leaves their job to be your caregiver, you can even use your WA Cares benefits to pay them.

No, WA Cares isn’t perfect, but it’s a giant step in the right direction. Lawmakers should move quickly to pass bills that will improve the program by exempting certain workers who live out of state, and allowing workers who are near retirement and not fully vested to still be able to get prorated benefits.

Christina Keys


Thanks for clear, bland information

All Politics Is Local has done it again. In Sunday’s paper, it explained how the new policing laws work and what they are designed to accomplish. The facts, presented clearly and blandly, stand in sharp contrast to the hype that has accompanied the laws’ passage. We count on All Politics to provide us the plain facts, including the plain facts about who funds which candidates. Thank you.

Joyce Batten


Bridge users should pay fair share

Per The Columbian update on legislative priorities, Rep. Brandon Vick “has put the I-5 Bridge replacement in his list and especially getting federal dollars allocated to the project so that tolling won’t be necessary” (“Washington lawmakers discuss top priorities for 60-day legislative session starting Monday,” The Columbian, Jan. 9).

What’s fairer than us paying tolls for the bridge we use routinely? Here are a few ways Clark County residents are avoiding paying taxes that rely on our I-5 Bridge: registering their cars in Oregon to avoid Washington taxes, shopping in Oregon to avoid Washington sales tax, and balking at paying a toll to cross the bridge. I and my family are happy to pay our share to live in this beautiful state.

Cherie Kearney


Waste of taxpayers’ dime

Thanks to letter writers Mike Barrett and Michael Burton on Rep. Vicki Kraft’s boondoggle trip with the pillow salesman. A waste of the taxpayers’ dime if ever there was one.

Porter Pierce


Consider tunnel under Columbia

I couldn’t agree more with “Build a tunnel, not a bridge” (Our Readers’ Views, Jan. 2). Being from the San Francisco area, I was there when they built BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). Two tunnels from Oakland to San Francisco built in sections and then put together underwater. The I-5 corridor just north of Vancouver is just about the right angle down to the river where the tunnel would connect. Parts of a bridge on both sides could be used as fishing pier.

Keith Perkins


Kraft article is enlightening

The Jan. 3 article “Vicki Kraft among legislators that used taxpayer money to attend Lindell’s election conference” was quite enlightening. I hope Ms. Kraft was able to score a free pillow, as she definitely needs it to cradle the enormous echo chamber that exists between her ears.

David Reed


Take look at real insurrection

I opine that Democratic politicians and their media allies should go on a junket to Kazakhstan to see for themselves what a genuine insurrection looks like.

Ken Kraemer


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