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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
May 31, 2023

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Letter: Work salmon back to nature


Salmon are in misery! Our governor plays us with salmon grant money. Our federal fisheries are dictated to by the Endangered Species Act, stopping more life than it produces. The Lorraine Loomis Act from Inslee will be approved or changed by legislators. Inslee feeds the quacks, but maybe legislators will help us. This same duck keeps up what has failed for years.

Overworked federal wild fish physical science is overlooking the reasonable and reinforcing the unreasonable. The same duck lands again on having the fewest ever real wild salmon. This duck has wings of big money. This pork money feeds unproductive groups glorifying wild salmon sustainability. Habitat work hasn’t dissolved the harvest, just salmon.

Dead fish would bring habitat for zero dollars. Policies are stopping abundance so they can polish rocks instead of the physical reproductive help needed. We await fewer wild fish using more money. Cultured to spawn fish would fix salmon. Salmon money for greedy gleaners is a zero for fish accomplishments, but auto deposit accounts are growing from wishy fishy illusions. Just stop being picky and physically work them back to nature. In the name of salmon! Amen!

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