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Thursday,  July 18 , 2024

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Costco plans to build Ridgefield location near Interstate 5

The warehouse store would be the third in Clark County

By Will Campbell, Columbian Associate Editor
Published: July 19, 2022, 11:56am

Costco is planning to build a warehouse store in Ridgefield alongside Interstate 5, just north of Pioneer Street, according to new plans submitted to the city of Ridgefield.

The new Costco Wholesale, the third in Clark County, will generate $700,000 per year in local tax revenue and provide 300 to 400 jobs, according to a news release from the city of Ridgefield. Construction will start next year, according to the property’s co-developer Josh Oliva.

The development, on an 80-acre site owned by local developer Steven Oliva, will include a Costco gas station. Costco will occupy a 151,000-square-foot building in the larger development that will include other retail tenants that have yet to be decided.

The land is currently farmland with no buildings on it. The construction plans are not final, and “there will be substantial work and development processes to work through to assure the best possible result for the retailers and Ridgefield community,” according to the news release.

Costco does not comment on new locations until three months from opening day, according to its website. www.costco.com/new-locations.

“We are excited by the prospect of adding this desirable store to the valuable services that have been developing in Ridgefield,” said Mayor Jennifer Lindsay in the news release. “This Costco will serve as a destination retail location for Clark County and Cowlitz County, create quality employment opportunities, and help diversify the City’s economic base to focus more on revenue from sustainable sales tax and less on residential development to support essential services.”

The plans were submitted to the city on Tuesday, and a pre-application conference will be scheduled soon.

Costco currently has two locations in Clark County: one on 192nd Avenue Camas that opened in November 2010 and one on Andresen in the Walnut Grove neighborhood that opened in 2004.

The city is also working to widen Pioneer Street to two lanes in each direction for the entire stretch between South 56th Place and North Royle Road is already in progress.

“We are working with the property owners and developer to assure the streets and intersections can handle the increased traffic,” according to the City of Ridgefield’s social media.