Thursday, June 30, 2022
June 30, 2022

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Letter: Change habits, free parking spaces


If we never make it easier to stop being dependent on gas-powered motor vehicles, we will never get there.

Numerous letters have been printed citing planned downtown apartments with limited parking. So what? The truth is many of us in the community don’t have a gas-powered motor vehicle and many of us in this community are broke because we have one. Some of us are struggling with housing issues, court fines, and other barriers that make a gas-powered vehicle an impossible option.

Oh yeah, and there is something called climate change. These planned developments are not made to “keep pesky countrywide folks in their place,” as one letter stated. These developments are made to accommodate a society that wants healthy air and green spaces. Why would we continue to cater to an outdated model of “working families” with two cars? Some of us that live in this community don’t fit that model and constantly catering to it creates more social inequity and ignores our rapidly changing climate. The best thing I ever did was get rid of my car and for the past 11 years I have freed up at least one parking spot a day.

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