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Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Sept. 27, 2023

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Letter: Support health care for all in United States


It is time to give serious consideration to universal health care in the United States. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that our health care system has a long way to go.

In Clark County there are approximately 30,000 people without health insurance (6.09 percent), according to datausa.io. The Congressional Budget Office has released two reports modeling health care expenditures for our nation covering a variety of implementation methods. All the methods saved significant expenditures, including $400 billion per year in overhead, and helped more people. The latest report, “Economic Effects of Five Illustrative Single-Payer Health Care Systems,” indicates that personal wealth and spending would increase 11.5 percent by 2030 because of lower health care costs and lower overall expenditures and would still cover all residents.

The current system has over 900 insurance companies determining what health care we can have instead of our doctors. Individuals and businesses will all benefit from the lower costs and better care. In fact, having universal health care will make businesses more competitive internationally by keeping workers healthier at lower cost. Please support H.R. 1976 and create an infrastructure that will keep us healthy and competitive.

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