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Saturday, June 10, 2023
June 10, 2023

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Letter: We can shape the future


Buffalo. Uvalde. The pain is terrible. We do not deserve the pain to go away, until we do something. Nothing will change until we do something. “Thoughts and prayers” do nothing. Congress must act, but won’t act, until most of us — most of us — demand change.

“Change” does not include denying the Second Amendment. Change means making sense of that amendment, in this century. Placing that amendment above all else in the Constitution is bonkers. The Constitution’s Preamble refers to “domestic tranquility.”

We do not have domestic tranquility. Buffalo proves that. Uvalde proves that. Our Black sisters and brothers in Buffalo deserved domestic tranquility. The little kids and the teachers in Uvalde deserved domestic tranquility. They did not get it.

Are you angry? Are you grieving? We all should be. Apply the grief. Apply the anger. Burn them like logs in a fire. Let your grief and anger energize you. Stand strong and constantly, and push. Push hard. The future can be better, if we shape it to be. Do it.

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