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Sunday, March 3, 2024
March 3, 2024

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Working in Clark County: Jheraun Dunlap, owner of Tailor Made Stitching

By , Columbian news assistant
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Jheraun "J.D." Dunlap upholsters a door trim panel for one of his clients. Tailor Made Stitching also does a lot of car seat restoration work.
Jheraun "J.D." Dunlap upholsters a door trim panel for one of his clients. Tailor Made Stitching also does a lot of car seat restoration work. (Courtesy of Jheraun Dunlap) Photo Gallery

Long-term residents will be familiar with Clark County’s lively car culture. When the sun is out, one is almost guaranteed to see retro and custom vehicles of all shapes, colors and sizes on the roads.

With the winter chill fast approaching, it’s time for these classic hot rods and cruisers to settle in for their seasonal hibernation. Winter is also when car hobbyists schedule repairs and refurbishments for their vintage vehicles.

In other words, Jheraun “J.D.” Dunlap is expecting his phone to ring. Dunlap is the founder and lead upholsterer at Tailor Made Stitching, a car interior-restoration business located at 9407 N.E. Vancouver Mall Drive, Suite 104. The business restores car interiors to their vintage glory, as well as creating custom interiors for vehicles old and new.

A longtime car enthusiast, Dunlap greatly enjoys taking part in the community’s interest in custom vehicles.


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“Clark County is a great place to build and thrive,” he said. “The area has an incredible car culture and some of the most down-to-earth car enthusiasts you will come across. My customers and I really speak each other’s language, making them great to work with.”

Dunlap’s restorations start with a consultation to assess each client’s individual tastes and vision for the new interior.

“Open communication is our motto, as we like to be as transparent with our customers as possible,” Dunlap said. “We will always be honest and up front about what we can and can’t do. It’s not about the money; it’s about helping fellow car enthusiasts in any way we can.”

After agreeing on the project and price, Dunlap and his team begin the tear-down process: cleaning frames, repairing springs, and replacing foam until it’s time to create and install the new custom interiors.

Tailor Made Stitching’s most popular service is its custom seat covers, each handmade by Dunlap.

As he continues to make a name for himself in the local car community, Dunlap plans to expand his team and bring Tailor Made Stitching to a larger shop space. He also hopes to add more products, such as launching a pre-made seat cover manufacturing section.

“I’m excited about what the future brings for my company and can’t wait to meet more interesting people from our great area,” Dunlap said. “I aim to leave my imprint on the car culture up here, and with the help of my amazing customers, I know one day I will.”

On the Web

More information on Tailor Made Stitching’s services and pricing can be found at www.tailormadestitching.com.