Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Feb. 7, 2023

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Energy Adviser: Gift of warmth is always welcome


One of the toughest things about the holiday season is buying the right gifts for the people in your life; fortunately, there’s one gift nearly everyone will appreciate — a Clark Public Utilities gift certificate.

The best gifts are those that bring comfort and happiness to those we love, and a gift certificate from Clark Public Utilities or a direct contribution to a loved one’s utility account will do just that.

“Helping a loved one with their utility bills brings comfort and peace of mind that few other presents can match,” said Clark Public Utilities Customer Service Supervisor Leah Veitenheimer.

Shopping for gifts is tough, especially for those who are just starting out in life or seem to have everything they need already. Clothes are a common fallback, but it’s hard to nail a person’s size and style. Money is easy, but it’s impersonal and often not the right fit, either. Plus, we all know someone who doesn’t seem to want or need anything, but we still want to give them something.

That’s why a utility gift certificate is perfect. Everyone will benefit from having their lights and heating expenses met. Plus, there’s no minimum or maximum you can give. Certificates are available in whatever amount you choose, knowing that it’s going directly to making your loved one’s home comfortable.

Gift certificates can be purchased in person at either the utility’s Electric Center in downtown Vancouver or the Operations Center in Orchards during regular business hours or over the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 360-992-3000.

The certificates come in an attractive envelope with a nice card inside. If you’d rather a more subtle approach, you can make a direct contribution to your person’s account, no certificate necessary. For personal privacy reasons, utility employees cannot tell you the balance on an account that you’re not authorized to access.

“Gift certificates are an excellent present any time of the year, but we see a large spike in demand during this time of year,” Veitenheimer said. “Of course, the holidays are a big reason behind that, but I think many folks also know how tough winter can be on a household’s budget. Helping with a family’s expenses can be a tremendous help.”

Alternatively, if you have a loved one who values helping others, consider making a donation in their name to the utility’s charitable program, Operation Warm Heart.

Operation Warm Heart is a donation-funded program that helps limited-income families in crisis pay their electric bills. Since its inception in 1985, Operation Warm Heart has helped Clark County families in crisis pay winter energy bills.

The program is designed for those who can barely make ends meet but do not qualify for other government financial assistance programs that would help with heating bills.

Supporting donations can be made once or as ongoing tax-deductible contributions. The amounts and duration of your donations are entirely up to you.

For the athlete in your life, you could pay their $30 registration fee for the upcoming Race for Warmth. The 10K run and 5K walk/run is scheduled for Jan. 29.

Every dollar of the registration fee will directly benefit Operation Warm Heart. Participants can choose to donate more if they wish. Event registration is now open at www.raceforwarmth.com.

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