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March 26, 2023

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Vital Statistics

The Columbian

Marriage Licenses

Amy Jo Baker, 52, Vancouver, and David Anderson, 46, Vancouver.

Blance Asalia Lugo Andrade, 40, Vancouver, and Armando Andrade Ponce, 45, Vancouver.

Christian Ryan Alexander, 17, Saint John, Fla., and Abigail Elizabeth Tsarenko, 19, Ridgefield.

Julia Marie Drury, 25, Ridgefield, and Grant Curtis Yenney, 27, Ridgefield.

Justin Arden Davis, 41, Vancouver, and Mary May Elizabeth Gann, 40, Vancouver.

Luke Anthony Gray, 32, Poulsbo, and Lindsey Nicole Adams, 34, Vancouver.

Mark Allen Gowen, 44, Eugene, Ore., and Meg Erin Phillips, 29, Eugene.

Reginald Walter Mecham, 80, Vancouver, and Lorisita Losentes Toroba, 47, Vancouver.

Roman Heinrich, 27, Vancouver, and Samantha Leanne Miller, 26, Vancouver.

Ruslana Kopytko, 34, Vancouver, and Christopher Charles Workman, 48, Vancouver.

Shelby Marie Glenn, 55, Vancouver, and Teri Lynn Nelson, 53, Vancouver.

Stacey Lee Thompson, 46, Vancouver, and Glenn Neil Reinders, 43, Vancouver.

Svetlana Alekseyevna Kartavenko, 51, Portland, and Ivan Petrovich Tihohod, 58, Vancouver.

Taylor Nicole Cochran, 24, Vancouver, and Nicholas Charles Kilmer, 26, Vancouver.

Marriage Dissolutions


Alberto and Rosa Elizabeth Martinez.

Anthony and Brittini Lorah.

Bridget R. and Michael James Gilman.

Cassandra Nicole and Jeffrey Loren Allen.

Julia Parpart and Kendall Scott Herring.

Lisza Maria and Samuel Herrera.

Lori L. and Larry E. Jury.

Mary Jeanne and Kiel Spencer McCully.

Matthew and Jackie Lee-Rudd Mason.

Megan Sahim and James Allinger.

Melanie Miller Payne and Galen Payne.

Rowan Turnor and Eric Peter Solheim.

Shannon Joy Eagen-Anderson and Clayton Coty Anderson.

Yekaterina and Yevqeniy Bolotskiy.