Saturday, November 26, 2022
Nov. 26, 2022

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Letter: Bus stop removal causes problems


On Sunday, I went out to catch the westbound Mill Plain bus and discovered that my bus stop had been removed. Once before, someone had pulled it up and put in Grace Lutheran Church’s yard. This time, it was completely gone. Luckily, my regular Sunday driver showed up and stopped the bus for me. He said the stop had been moved closer to Southeast 98th Avenue.

When I returned home, I noticed a couple people were also waiting for the westbound bus at the removed stop. Normally, when C-Tran moves a stop, it has a sign on the old stop letting the passengers know of the move. I rode the bus westbound on Thursday, and there wasn’t a notice. I had spoken to a C-Tran employee previously about putting a temporary stop closer to Garrison Road, and he told me that the westbound stop in front of Grace Lutheran Church had been grandfathered in.

I still think it’s stupid that people, even the mayor, are excited about the Mill Plain Vine. I wish she would agree to ride with me on both the Mill Plain route and the Fourth Plain Vine so I can show her how far people have to walk now and what stops have been removed.

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