Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Nov. 30, 2022

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Letter: Truth is a rare commodity


Joe, Joe, Joe and Joe. The Joes are everywhere these days, and that is just in politics (and letters to the editor).

Joe is left, and Joe is right. Joe is up, and Joe is down. Joe must be right, and Joe must be wrong. We should name all of our politicians Joe; that way, we could all be confused, all of the time.

We are not confused by political partisans. Partisans believe that their party is always right and truthful. The other party is always wrong and lies. Partisans are confused about what is belief and what is truth. Partisans think that their beliefs are always true, so that means everything they write is the truth.

I like to joke that if a politician (or partisan) met the truth on the street, they would not recognize each other. If someone had introduced them, by the next day they would have forgotten they had ever met. So, when a politician (or partisan) uses the word “truth,” I become cynical and disbelieving.

Truth is a rare commodity in life and much rarer still in politics. This does not mean we should stop searching for the truth — in life, and in politics.

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