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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
June 7, 2023

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Letter: Don’t be conned by Satan


The Pied Piper of German folklore was charismatic and his flute playing mesmerized the rats of Hamelin. Apparently, they were deluded even to the point of drowning in its river.

This story reminds me of another entity that uses delusion to gain his will. Satan plays many mesmerizing tunes. Every human being has followed at least one of them. We are all sinners thanks to this “snake” that first conned Adam and Eve. But, unlike the rats, Satan is not taking his duped audience on a river cruise. He is leading worshippers to a very warm lake. (Rev. 20: 10-15).

To become enamored with the world’s sins is easy. Satan sells his product well. He has many “pleasures” for our eyes and heart. God’s son Jesus Christ has many hymns sung about him. They speak of love, hope, joy and of eternal life in a beautiful new world. We only have about 78 years each to get this right. That is less than a drop in an ocean of time.

Don’t follow rats into the river, lemmings over a cliff, or a snake to his evil end. Let’s make certain whose song we sing. Have a happy Easter.

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