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Monday,  June 17 , 2024

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Battle Ground Bark Ranch saves driver’s wedding ring

The Columbian
Published: August 26, 2023, 5:31am

BATTLE GROUND — On Aug. 10 Bark Ranch received a call from John Stewart, resident of Cougar and driver of a Taylor Transport truck delivering 1- to 3-inch glacier rock from Boardman, Ore., stating he had lost his ring in the back of the dump truck in the rock while securing his load. He was brushing his hands off on his jeans when the ring went flying into the rock. While on his way to Battle Ground, he called Bark Ranch asking if he could dump the load slowly so he could look for the ring. When he arrived, he and two employees watched for the ring when the rock was being dumped but saw it nowhere. Disappointed but still hopeful, he left his number with the Bark Ranch office staff in case the ring was ever found. On Aug. 16, an order of that same 1- to 3- inch glacier was loaded and delivered to Battle Ground resident Tara Smith. On the weekend of Aug. 20, Smith spotted the ring while spreading her rock. She had no idea about the missing ring but brought it back to Bark Ranch the following Monday morning. Ecstatic over the lucky find, Bark Ranch called John Stewart to share the good news. He was so grateful and drove right in to get it, later sharing that his wife had said all along that she was sure that it would be found. Bark Ranch was excited to share this story, happy to spread the word of the wonderfully kind and dedicated people living and working in Clark County.