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Thursday, February 29, 2024
Feb. 29, 2024

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Letter: Hold railroad accountable


Eric Temple in his letter to the editor (“Local railroad remains diligent,” Our Readers’ Views, Nov. 24) claimed that the actions of various agencies are a “witch hunt.” The statement highlights that Temple has a very casual relationship with the truth.

Temple owns a private company that has signed a lease with the county to provide a service. If any individual or other company contracting with the county cleared and graded the land, brought in fill dirt and rock, filled the wetlands, choked off the creeks — all without permits — that individual or company should be quickly shut down and have sanctions imposed.

Temple’s company has engaged in all of that unpermitted conduct. Various agencies have advised him on numerous occasions of the need for permits, plans, and his obligations to restore the damage caused. Yet, so far, he has ignored those directives.

Since March, residents of the Barberton area have made phone calls to the county permit and code enforcement department. Yet, the county continues to take no action to hold Temple accountable under the lease agreement. We residents are left to wonder why elected officials grant Portland Vancouver Junction Railroad a free pass despite overwhelming evidence of blatant misconduct.

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