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Tuesday,  June 18 , 2024

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Letter: C-Tran plan is clueless

By Debbie S. Simonds, Vancouver
Published: January 7, 2023, 6:00am

I received a postcard from C-Tran bragging about the Mill Plain Vine. They showed where the stops would be. Mostly at major intersections. The total number of stops equate to the number of stops the regular Mill Plain bus has from Andresen Road to downtown. I haven’t slept. I lay awake wondering how I’m going to get to the businesses that I visit that aren’t at a major intersection.

Do I walk the two miles there and back and hope I don’t fall? Do I take the Vine to the end of Mill Plain and come back and get off at Southeast 120th and walk back east?

I worry about the people that are going to have to move because the stops are two to three miles apart. Are they going to be able to find someplace closer to the bus line, and do they have the deposit for the new place and utilities? There are a lot of businesses, restaurants, medical centers and churches that will be affected by this Vine change. Why can’t C-Tran have a dual system like a lot of towns do? One for rapid transit and one for local? I wouldn’t mind the local running every 20 minutes Monday through Saturday and every half-hour on Sundays.

Is there a person familiar with the transportation rules that can help us? I think the C in C-Tran stands for clueless.

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