Saturday, April 1, 2023
April 1, 2023

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Weather Eye: Rain will return this week, along with blustery winds


Quite a potent little storm that developed and moved quickly up the Oregon Coast and northward along the Washington Coast. Winds in Oregon were as high as 86 mph with scattered power outages from Lincoln City to Astoria. The Long Beach Peninsula was hit hard with widespread power outages and damage.

Some areas on the peninsula were expected not to have power until today. I was there Monday and at 9 a.m. a wall of wind hit the house and sounded like a freight train. My weather station had a gust of 60 mph after the power quickly went out. Dozens and dozens of trees were blown over and power lines and poles toppled like toothpicks.

I am writing this column on my battery-powered laptop and I expected back-up lights in the house after dark. Fortunately, in Vancouver winds were blustery but not devastating as along the coastal beaches. Goes to show you to always be prepared for foul weather, you never know when something unexpected occurs, like Monday’s storm.

We still have a large area of low pressure spinning to our southwest, keeping California inundated with heavy rains. The development Monday occurred when a smaller secondary low developed along the Oregon Coast. Rapid pressure falls and little warnings can happen. These are the most damaging windstorms we get. Rapid development moving northward and extremely close to the coast line. Good thing Monday’s storm was quite small compared to the Columbus Day windstorm that followed a similar path in 1962.

Today we see a break in the action but rain returns Wednesday and off and on for the remainder of the week. Winds can be blustery once again, mainly out of the east and southeast. We had some heavy rain squalls Sunday and some locations around the county reported well over 1 inch of rain. The heaviest so far this month.

Vancouver had nearly three-quarters of an inch of rain Sunday and our monthly total is now over 1 inch but still a little below average at 1.25 inches as of 4 p.m. Monday. I see snow levels will be climbing this week with rain even at the ski areas. Where is winter anyway? Not on the horizon at all that I can see. We continue the status quo while our neighbors to the south get the brunt of Mother Nature’s fury.