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Saturday, March 2, 2024
March 2, 2024

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Letter: Explore recycling options


Great article on “Reducing, recycling easy in Clark County — but also tricky” by Scott Hewitt (The Columbian, Jan. 15). So true, that “tricky” part!

I’d add: There are other options for those clamshells, lids and more, and numbers matter here:

1) New Seasons grocery currently accepts #1 clear plastics.

2) Agilyx accepts all #6 plastics — Styrofoam, styrene cups, CD cases, etc.

3) James Recycling Events are held monthly in various Portland metro area locations. They accept surprisingly many common plastics not OK for blue recycling bins — and they require it sorted by number. They collect $3 per bag to process. (Think of it as a carbon offset fee.) Visit https://jshrecycling.com for details and prepare to take your recycling to the next level.

The last word: Keep plastic film out of your Big Blue. The cost of pulling it out of the waste stream penalizes us all. Take it to your favorite grocery store instead.

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