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Monday, March 4, 2024
March 4, 2024

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Letter: Save Westport Light State Park


Have you heard of or visited the Westport Light State Park in Westport? The parks website describes this park quite accurately:

“The beaches of Westport Light State Park could have sprung from a novel. Tall dune grasses whisper in the wind. Pathways snake along low bluffs down to sandy stretches of shore. Sunlight plays on the landscape (or storm clouds roll in) and birds cry in the distance.”

This park is exactly that and the only beach without vehicular travel on the sand.

The parks commissioners have a memorandum of understanding with a developer that wants to install a Scottish-style golf course in this park.

Please search “Westport Lighthouse golf” and select the link to comment against this development. The link is also here: https://www.parks.wa.gov/1161/Westport-Light-State-Park-Planning.

Comments are all anonymous. There are numerous biology, hydrology and feasibility studies which all extol the reasons why a golf course should not be developed. If you have visited this park, which belongs to all Washingtonians, you have experienced the beautiful beaches, wonderful ocean waves, and a step into the wilderness beauty that cannot be replaced.

Please comment today to save this park from commercial development.

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