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Monday, March 4, 2024
March 4, 2024

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Letter: Local voters reject light rail


Your Cheers & Jeers editorial on March 4 is a little off the mark in regards to the Interstate 5 Bridge. Your statement, “But jeers go to critics who scuttled the Columbia River Crossing proposal a decade ago, leaving us without a new bridge while the cost of a replacement doubled,” reflects the same political attitude that disgraced ex-Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber said in regard to the people who voted down the kicker tax elimination, “It’s obvious that the people of Oregon don’t know what they want.”

Well, the people of Washington told the Legislature twice in advisory votes that they did not want light rail from another state coming into this state. But once again the Legislature did not listen to its constituents.

Your statement that one-third goes to the bridge is misleading as transit costs on the bridge should be included in the transit ledger, thus lowering the bridge cost substantially. But it’s an effective way to hide the actual cost of light rail.

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