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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Oct. 4, 2023

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Letter: Evergreen should remove grass


Regarding the March 8 announcement that Evergreen School District intends to cut athletic directors at four schools next year due to its budget deficit, I imagine each school is looking closely at their budgets. But, I wonder how closely.

Do we know how much it costs the district to mow its lawns and provide landscaping? I can’t easily find this information, but I do know it takes a crew days to maintain school greenery. Sure, replacing unnecessary (anything that isn’t a sports field for instance) sod with materials that do not require as much upkeep at every school will not fully relieve that $19 million deficit, but it will help provide money for other needed services that are also on the cutting board or soon will be. And it will be better for the environment by cutting the amount of gasoline-powered equipment.

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