Tuesday, March 21, 2023
March 21, 2023

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Letter: Rethink support for Kent


There are two comic book characters in Clark County. The first is a childhood mythological beast imbued with amazing powers of strength, capable of flying anywhere in the world, although he seems to prefer 1950s America of the Eisenhower era with all that era’s love of peace and old-time virtues. Clark Kent is a legend known around the world, admired by all as Superman.

The other Clark County Kent is a self-deluded aspiring candidate running for Washington’s 3rd Congressional District as a sycophantic follower of the twice-impeached former president still pursuing the delusional and oft-debunked myth of losing the 2020 election. Joe is running on a platform of being a warrior in a time when the world is wracked by wars and threats of global conflict, from China to Russia, all built on equally strange delusions of totalitarian empires to China’s aspiration to the Maoist empire of not so long ago.

Anyone even thinking of tottering off behind Joe might want to rethink the premises behind his campaign.

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