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Thursday, February 29, 2024
Feb. 29, 2024

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Letter: Homes don’t sound ‘affordable’


Having occasionally considered moving if the absolute perfect house in the perfect location ever appeared, my husband and I peruse Zillow and Redfin from time to time — mostly out of curiosity. It is kind of fun to see what is out there and then realize how much we love our current home.

This week, I came across a listing for one of the condos in the Kirkland Building at the Waterfront — one bedroom, one bath, 1,121 square feet for $969,000, with a monthly HOA fee of $999. The same day, a four-bedroom, 2½-bath, 3,193-square-foot home on one-third acre was listed for a mere $126,000 more, with no HOA fee.

Now, both of these residences are out of our reach, though if we won the lottery we’d likely opt for the bigger home/better value. I do, however, have questions: The condo has an “eight-year property tax exemption” (received by offering a few “affordable” units). I wonder what the selling price on those were, and if they, too, have a $999 monthly fee? Seems like that alone would make them unaffordable.

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