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Wednesday,  June 19 , 2024

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Golden retriever replaces Lab as Seattle’s favorite dog

By Vonnai Phair, The Seattle Times
Published: March 24, 2023, 6:18am

There’s a new top dog in town: The golden retriever was Seattle’s most popular dog breed in 2022, according to the American Kennel Club.

The golden retriever knocked the Labrador retriever out of its top spot in Seattle, and “it’s no surprise,” said AKC executive secretary Gina DiNardo.

“Goldens are devoted and friendly companions that have always been popular in the city,” DiNardo said.

Famous for their dense coat of gold fur, golden retrievers have a temperament and versatility that contribute to their perennial popularity. They are serious workers at whatever they do — hunting, being service animals for blind people and aiding search-and-rescue efforts. Goldens are typically obedient and enjoy competitive events, the AKC said.

The golden retriever is also the top pup in Denver and Nashville, Tenn.

Using registration data pulled from Seattle ZIP codes, the AKC found Labrador retrievers are Seattle’s second most-popular pup, followed by the French bulldog, Pembroke welsh corgi and havanese.

Beyond the top five, the Bernese mountain dog moved up one spot to sit at No. 9. The poodle (No. 8 in 2021) moved up to No. 7 in 2022, with the previous No. 7, the Australian shepherd, falling to 12.

Nationally, the French bulldog took the top pup spot for the first time ever, knocking the Labrador retriever out of its 31-year record-breaking reign.

Frenchies have been quietly moving up the charts for years, according to the AKC, jumping from 14th place in 2012 to the top spot in 2022. Registrations for French bulldogs across the county have increased more than 1,000 percent in that same time period.

Following the French bulldog and Labrador retriever in spots No. 1 and 2 nationally, the AKC’s top 10 dog breeds include golden retrievers, German shepherds, poodles, bulldogs, Rottweilers, beagles, dachshunds and German shorthaired pointers.

The AKC’s popularity rankings cover about 200 breeds in the nation’s oldest canine registry. The stats are based on nearly 716,500 puppies and other dogs newly registered last year — about 1 in every 7 of them a Frenchie. Registration is voluntary.