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Thursday, June 1, 2023
June 1, 2023

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Letter: ‘Kind words only’ pays dividends


Attending my granddaughter’s third grade basketball game is my weekly delight. It resembles rugby; it’s often one against five, with the best dribblers dominating; playing time is shared equally.

But the best part of the event is sharing after-game snacks. It’s a hoot!

Unfortunately, one father began yelling at the referee. The truth is, if the ref whistled every infraction, your ears would hurt, and the ball wouldn’t advance past midcourt. Jeering is contagious and grows in fervor. I admire the targeted ref who does it for the love of the game, but I feel badly for him.

We all have wondered how “peaceful protests” devolve into store lootings and car burnings. Wonder no more. It’s as obvious as Pinocchio’s nose! It begins with third-graders witnessing parents being offensive to our best whistleblowers: referees.

Unbridled heckling is not freedom of speech. It is an infringement upon the rights of others.

Treat yourself to an after-game snack and join my KWO team. Our team yell is “Kind words only!” Make that go viral, and jeering stops, protests become peaceful, my granddaughter’s games remain a hoot, and “freedom of speech” becomes a conversation rather than a shouting match … and I’m not Pinocchio!

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