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Thursday, February 29, 2024
Feb. 29, 2024

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Letter: What is meaning of gender, sex?


Rory Bowman bandies about words like “gonochoric and “anisogamous” (“Humans: Gonochoric, anisogamous,” Our Readers’ Views May 19) but does he know what they mean? I looked the words up in Wiktionary and got “A form of sexual bonding involving partners of unusually widely differing ages” for “anisogamy” and “The situation in which the individuals of a species are of one of at least two distinct sexes, and retain that sexuality throughout their lives” for “gonochorism.”

That humans have at least two distinct sexes may be uncontroversial, even among gender-dysphoric people, who have a problem only with the gender they are ascribed by others. But that all or most sexual relationships are between people of widely differing ages I would contest.

In any case, the letter is not about these semantic differences (I think it is more a form of épater la bourgeoisie), but it offers a defense for maintaining separate bathrooms and locker rooms for women. Why only for women? As a human identifying as a homogamous heterosexual male I would object to having gawking women of any age around me, when I want/need to undress. Because I also take issue with the statement “males are on average much stronger, and are demonstrably more violent by nature.” Speak for yourself Rory!

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