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Wednesday,  June 19 , 2024

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Martha Stewart gets buzz from pal Snoop Dogg

She recalls how friendship bloomed during Bieber roast

By Jonah Valdez, Los Angeles Times
Published: May 25, 2023, 6:03am

When Martha Stewart first met Snoop Dogg, what stood out to her was the way he laughed.

“What was really charming about Snoop, first of all, was his giggle,” Stewart said. “He giggles in a very, very nice way.”

As a part of her recent history-making Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover shoot, the lifestyle and media mogul recalled the day in 2008 when the Long Beach rapper was a guest on “The Martha Stewart Show” on Hallmark. It was the genesis of the unlikely friendship and business partnership between the two celebrities.

Although Stewart thinks back fondly on that shoot, where the pair mashed potatoes and Snoop taught her phrases like “fo shizzle” and “all hood,” their friendship really came together in 2015 during Comedy Central’s roast of pop singer Justin Bieber.

She and Snoop Dogg were seated next to each other during the roast on a stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, Stewart told SI. While the pair and other guests rehearsed for hours, Stewart remembered the famed marijuana aficionado never losing his high, which ultimately brought relief to the TV show host.

“He smoked all day long,” Stewart said of Snoop Dogg. “All he did was smoke, and everybody was in such a good mood and we were all roasting each other. And luckily, Snoop’s secondhand smoke really kind of eased the pain for me a lot, and it was hysterical because I just felt, ‘OK, I’ll go with the flow here.’ After like 6 billion views around the world, it turned out to be one of the best things — and it cemented my relationship with Snoop.”

The pair would go on to continue their friendship and, in 2016, began to host the VH1 cooking show “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party,” which had a two-season run. Stewart and Snoop cooked meals and hosted parties in front of a studio audience with high-profile guests including Seth Rogen, Jamie Foxx, Bella Thorne and Laverne Cox.

When speaking to the L.A. Times about their show in 2016, Stewart said she learnt things from Snoop in the kitchen, such as not leaving the stove when you’re cooking.