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Saturday, September 23, 2023
Sept. 23, 2023

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Which ABC shows were recently canceled?


You have questions. I have some answers.

Please tell me that “Alaska Daily,” “Big Sky” and “The Company You Keep” are not all canceled. These are great shows and on my recording list so I don’t miss an episode. I heard from a friend that they are all canceled. Please tell me that it isn’t so!

As we saw in the recent announcements of TV schedules for next season, ABC has dumped all three of the shows you so enjoy. “Big Sky” had at least made it to a third season, but ratings reportedly had declined. “Alaska Daily” and “The Company You Keep” have ended after a single season apiece, again with disappointing numbers cited as a reason.

Frankly, of the three the only one I will miss is “Alaska Daily,” which had a strong message and cast.

I really liked “East New York.” With all the remakes of old shows, it was nice to see something original and well written. Will new episodes be on any streaming services?

I liked “East New York,” too, especially the way it looked at the political aspects of law enforcement and, again, had a good cast in this case led by Amanda Warren. The decision was only partly about ratings — “East New York” did better than a couple of shows CBS renewed — with money issues between the network and the show’s studio also a factor. And I don’t think the thoughtful show was well served by the network. It was scheduled between two more action-based series in “The Equalizer” and “NCIS: Los Angeles.” And when making its renewal decisions, CBS was said to have made “East New York” an either-or with “S.W.A.T.” — two shows with Black leads.

There have been reports that the studio is shopping “East New York” to other outlets, although more than one story called that a long shot.

Your column recently mentioned examples of cliffhangers left unresolved by television shows which were not continued. Was this the case with the Hallmark series “Cedar Cove” a few years ago? The last episode left many loose ends.

The series based on books by Debbie Macomber was canceled after three seasons in 2015, without a loose-end-tying finale. Reports at the time indicated declining ratings led to its unceremonious end.

I have been a reader of the Anne McCaffrey book series “The Dragonriders of Pern.” It is fascinating reading. Is there any chance that there will be a movie or TV series developed?

There has been talk about bringing the stories to the big screen for many years, with enthusiasm raised in 2014 after Warner Bros. acquired rights to all the books in the “Pern” series. I have seen no recent news about “Dragonriders” as a screen project, but it may just be that this is a case of an adaptation taking a long time to work out.