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Saturday, September 23, 2023
Sept. 23, 2023

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Weather Eye: Warmer temperatures on the way


I would say it was a nice holiday weekend weather-wise, with some morning clouds and highs in the 70s. If you want hotter weather, well read on. It will be cooler today, near normal at 70-72 degrees. Wednesday, we have a push of cooler maritime air so we most likely will fall short of our average high of 72 degrees. It may remain in the upper 60s. As I remarked Sunday, we are in a cool slump of weather.

No worries though, the first day of June arrives on Thursday with brief clouds and more afternoon sunshine and highs in the 70s. Now about the warmer weather. Are you ready to ride the weather wheel upward? It appears high pressure builds inland this weekend, and we jump back into the 80s and we may make a home run next Monday, June 5, in the 90s. Summer is quickly on the way, folks.

I remember 13 years ago at the end of May in 2010. Vancouver was in the middle of many days of rain. Wet holiday, wet ballfields and many saying enough is enough. We finished the month shy of 4 inches. Whew! June was no better. In the first week of June 2010, Vancouver recorded 3 inches of rain and had well over 4 inches for the month.

Not this year. The dry weather that began several weeks ago will continue into June with robustness and no rain in sight. May will go in the record books with less than 1 inch of rain, which is 2.5 inches below average. It’s looking to be a warm and dry summer.

I’ll leave you with what I wrote on this day in 2010. “Not a good sign when we are talking about record low maximum high temperatures and record rainfall especially when the calendar is about to turn over to the month of June. On this date in 2009 we were flirting with 90 degrees. So far in 2010 we haven’t even reached 80 degrees yet and probably not for a long while as June appears cool and wet.”

Sometimes looking back at memories makes one appreciate the memories we are making now. Enjoy the pleasant week ahead.