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Sunday, March 3, 2024
March 3, 2024

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Letter: Focus on wealth inequality


Wealth inequality isn’t a popular topic at our holiday tables, but maybe it should be. Many who are struggling made it a few days with angel food boxes and Thanksgiving meals, but next week?

We are seeing some of our deepest poverty evidenced on the streets. We look away. We don’t understand what is going on or how to fix it.

We can thank this century’s robber barons, their media influence and the massive wealth privilege they hold. With even a minor lift, can’t we raise that bar? Instead of being manipulated into thinking we are a country plagued by scarcity, let’s remember how easy it is to fit in another chair at our holiday tables. Sharing resources, when everyone contributes a fair and reasonable share, is just that simple.

Let’s stuff ourselves for now but when the holiday is over, let’s start thinking “potluck politics.” A simple tax policy transition that holds us and the uber-wealthy accountable for a fair portion of the bill can guarantee the welfare and dignity of all. No matter who holds the wealth, there is an equitable way to redistribute America’s incredible resources to enable us to abolish poverty once and for all.

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